Arlo for the Psion Series 5, Series 5mx and Series 7
version 2.1.0



Before you upgrade to any newer version of Arlo, you MUST do a cold reboot first because usually the device driver has been changed. Unfortunately, the device driver cannot be unloaded other then by rebooting. See below for an explanation.

User information



Running Arlo as the EPOC shell

After you've run Linux, EPOC will perform a cold start which may take some time. To speed up the Linux reboot time, you can install Arlo to run very early on EPOC startup. You need a Compact Flash (CF) card for this to work.

Arlo is released under the GNU General Public License. See the file copying for more info.

Developer information

Arlo Config file

Starting from Arlo version 2.0, it's no longer needed to manually create a config file because you can configure Arlo from its GUI. Developers may still want to use the config file directly to use a few of the more advanced options not supported by the GUI. Both (the EIKON GUI App) and arlo.exe (the console version of Arlo) detect and support these advanced Arlo config parameters. See the supplied example.cfg for information on its format.

Using the console version of Arlo

Developers may still want to use the old console version of Arlo. start arlo.exe

Building Arlo from source code

You'll need the Symbian ER5 SDK and Microsoft VC++ 5.0

Why the device driver cannot be unloaded

There is no public SDK/DDK for developing device drivers in EPOC. I have reverse engineered the kernel interface to develop my own Arlo device driver. The only thing that does not appear to work is unloading the driver. As it stands I have no plans/intention to include this functionality because at some point development on the device driver will stabelise. There is no harm in the device driver being loaded all the time and does not cause any restrictions. The only annoyance is that upgrading the device driver requires a cold reboot to force the unload.

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